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Phone will not turn on but are using power, waterdamage



My phone got waterdamaged so i dried it out and got a new battery from IFixit. Replaced the battery and it would not start.

so i took out the logic board and soaked it in Isopropanol for about 30-40 minutes while cleaning out all the ribbon cables etc, Note: No noticable corrosion. Checked the IFixit battery with a multimeter and got the reading.

3.83V dc, keep in mind my multimeter is cheap.

After drying out the logic board again i assembled the phone and tried to start it.

No response so i plugged the lightning cable into the computer to see if the phone would be reconized. No success.

so i left it for about 6 hours and took out the battery again to messure it again.

this time it was messured to 3.55V dc.

so having it plugged in drained the battery, so i plugged it to the wall, and the battery did get charge.. atleast was heating up after about an hour.

with no success i took the logic board out again to soak it another time in Isopropanol. same process as last time and with the same result.

Any suggestions to what i can do or what could be wong?

PS: did try the mute button to see if i could get a response from the phone. also tried Home+Sleep/awake button but nothing seems to have any effect on the phone at all.

so to me it seems like its not starting up and not the screen that is just not turning on.


iPhone 6