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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Jacob Miller ,


FIrst of all, iso alcohol ONLY helps absorb moisture, it will not resolve issues resulting from corrosion, etc caused by chemicals/minerals in the liquid the phone was in.  You most likely have a short from corrosion under/around a component.  The first step after verifying the phone is not starting and not recognized by itunes is to  clean the logic board in an ultrasonic cleaner using a mix of distilled water and solvent like “Branson EC”. The shields should be removed from the board to ensure the cleaner can properly reach all components with the solution. Once the cycle is done, you can use compressed air to remove excess moisture and then soak the board in alcohol to remove all traces of  water/solution. Replace the shields and retest.  If there are corroded or shorted components, you’ll never get the  phone to function properly or pass any tests and will only get frustrated trying. I know its not the easiest step, but it will ensure you aren’t pointlessly replacing parts in an attempt to get it going