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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Ron & Gloria Wilson ,


I appreciate reading all the feedback from everyone & was surprised to see the complaints were mostly about LG. We have a French door Whirlpool refrigerator that is only 18 months old & is no longer cooling. The repairman was here yesterday & replaced the control board. Today I checked the temperature on the refrigerator thermometer that we recently purchased & it still reads 52°. I believe the thermometer works fine as the temperature goes down quickly when put it in the freezer, but I will buy another thermometer to see if it reads the same before calling repair again. Thank goodness we bought an extended warranty, but it's only good for 5 years. The point of my message is to let readers know that Whirlpool has a problem, too. We also had a brand new Whirlpool washing machine that had problems so I don't intend to buy any Whirlpool products anymore & am sorry to hear LG is also bad. It looks like the list for new appliances that last is either short or non-existent.