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I have both a 2005 PowerBook G4 DLSD/HR and a 2006 MacBook Pro. While they look similar, none of the parts are interchangeable. The dimensions are slightly different, as the MacBook Pro is a tad wider than the PowerBook. Even if you cut down the edges of a MacBook Pro keyboard to somehow fit, the trackpad is still a different shape and would not function with the powerbook, and I doubt the keyboard would either. The displays are different shapes, the powerbook display is 60 pixels taller due to the MacBook Pro having a webcam while the PowerBook doesn’t, Your best bet is to buy parts computers off of eBay, or go down to a local tech thrift store or recycling center, as people are still getting rid of their old ones. These are fun computers to play with, and I have found that even on 10.5 Leopard they are still somewhat usable. Good luck!