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Not turning on after sleep/shut down during trip


Hi guys, I seem to be having very intermittent problems with my Early 2015 MacBook Air. During a family vacation last week there were a few times where it would not turn on. We stayed at different locations each night, and each time I pulled it out of bag to use it, it would be a 50/50 chance that it would work. I usually leave it on standby (closing the lid), however during the trip I tried shutting it down a few times with the same result. When it wouldn’t turn on I’d have absolutely no sign of life, completely dead; the only way I seemed to get it back is to plug it in and do multiple SMC resets, could be 5, or up to 20, and eventually, 5 to 10 minuets later, it would boot and work no problem. Obviously I thought about the charge level, but every time I got it going again it would show above 50% capacity, so the battery wasn’t dead. I even tried a few PRAM resets.

Funny thing is, this computer works absolutely fine at home. I use it all over the house, I even bring it to work, it always works fine, however this is the second trip that I’ve done where it dies. The first time I thought, ok maybe the battery was dead (I didn’t bring my charger with me that time so I couldn’t do any resets), but no, I got home and to my surprise it turned on, showing 99% charge.

Hoping someone has some suggestions on a fix, or seen this behaviour before. Thanks IA.


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