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One thing make sure that your Battery temperature is below 2 °C (You Can Check This by Hot Keys on Dial Pad; For Honor it is *#*#2846579#*#*),

 And If It is Then You Have To Remove Your Battery (Do Carefully For Non Removable Ones Using Gum To Stick The Battery To The Base)

You Will Find a Small Board Having Connections in Between +VE and –VE Terminals If They Are Covered With A Yellow Heat Resistant Tape Make Sure To Uncover

Heat Whole Battery under Sunlight or Any Other Heat Source under 50 °C (maybe Use Hair Dryer with Low Setting) Probably For 15 Minutes

Put The Tape Back and Fix It Back to Your Phone (if It Have Any Power in it Make Sure to Turn it On)

Connect The Charger and Check Whether it Charges (make Sure That the Battery Temperature Is Increased above 20 °C)

There You Fixed Your Charging Issue Please Makes Sure You Didn’t Ruined Your Battery Or Phone During Process

Thank you