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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: AL Zio ,


I bought my SM-J100VPP on Ebay $10 …  I bypassed Samsung FRP Login using ADB

adb devices  adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.sec.android.app.setupwizard

( I went into Maint Mode Vol Down Power Hold ) 10 seconds… and added USB debugging Mode

then the phone boot into normal mode… and I ran the adb commands from normal mode…

( I usually think of adb as sideload from download mode ) ( So just another tip ) …

When it boot into normal mode… I had to authorize ( check mark )  allow USB debugging …

Using GSM Ultra Mobile Service Now… Setup APN setting as usual.

Phone is still FRP Locked In Bios… Can’t add Samsung Account  ( Just those  two things )

Hangouts Dialer works around the Default Dialer that did not recognize the Sim Card.

I use the Easy Mode as My Launcher … cause I like the big Icons…  I installed Nova Launcher as a backup

to easily set the settings for the Default Launcher.  I used an app called App Inspector  with ADB

to get the addresses of apps that I don’t want installed.   pm uninstall is only removing apps for the user…

If I was to factory reset… the  Phone would be FRP Samsung Login as the Default Launcher again  …

Can’t Root Phone… Can’t add Samsung account from settings… But I can install the Samsung Account Plus.apk

Being the phone is still locked I can’t turn it into a brick… lol    But now it’s 100%  for Network & SMS

and I can use WiFi if I want as well… All the Apps work…   Very Little work to  get things back to the way I like it… even if I should Factory Reset… Also  good to know…. Google Play if Downloads pending… remove the updates

then downloads will go through… instead of pending..   That’s just a tip.     I bought a J3 for $85 … on the T-Mobile GSM…  Nice like the J1… but bigger…  I think J1 is a cool size…