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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: krishna ,


After all searching I got two solutions…..

1 Purchase same make and model number DEAD TV ( main board not working ) and replace the panel ..this is very low cost solution

2.  All TV’s   panel have details of below at backside of panel when you open back cover of TV( sticker pasted on panel)

a.  Panel make

b.  Panel type

c.  Panel number

These all new panels are available in china  searching by “Panel Number” and you have to import it by  importers of your country.

Panels are available by '''Panel model Number''' only not by TV make and model numbers

ex : Sony KD-49x700d  used panel is       “Lc490eqy-sja3  or  syv4951”

you have to search as    Lc490eqy-sja3   or  syv4951      not Sony KD49X700D panel.

This solution is expensive  as   1 panel cost 2. import charges 3. taxes

so good luck….