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This is for a L41C.  Before doing a factory reset, which is a major hassle as it erases all your personal data and settings, try following the above procedure, but when you get the LG screen, keeping the volume button down (I think, if it doesn’t work try releasing the volume button) press and release the power button several times.  This has twice gotten my past the boot loop problem.

Then back up all your data and pictures to the cloud or hard drive.  Get everything synced to the cloud either through Google or other means and make sure the sync works.  It’s bound to happen again, though it did wait for a couple of months.  I don’t know what caused it after a couple of years of no problem.  The second freeze occurred while the phone was working and on Weather.com.  I believe the first was another phone freeze.  The freeze doesn’t allow the phone to turn off.  Taking the battery out to try a restart gets one to the LG screen, making it seem like its a boot problem, but the freezes I had occurred before this..