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Stuck on Apple Logo after replacements


Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can help. I have changed many 5c/5s parts but just done my first iPhone 7 Plus. I bought it from someone on Facebook who said it didn’t charge. The screen and housing were in poor condition so I also decided to replace them. I bought them from the same supplier I buy my 5s parts from.

I replaced the screen, battery, charging port, housing. Upon boot up it just comes up with the Apple logo and goes no further. I have put it in recovery mode and iTunes does NOT recognise it (tried on 2 different computers).

I have tried removing the front camera connector as well as putting the old screen back on (without the home button) and it is still the same.

The phone is currently on charge with the old screen on (with no home button and no front camera connected). I will leave it over night to see if it fixes it.

Does anyone have any insight into what else I could try? Problem is I don’t know if it was like this before I bought it as I couldn’t test it due to it not charging!

Occasionally the Apple logo will flicker as though it’s trying to boot.

Thank you.


iPhone 7 Plus