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You have introduced a lot of variables here.    Your first step is to figure out if this logic board can charge or not.  To do that, you need a KNOWN GOOD (not new, known good) charge port and battery and usb ammeter.    Connect JUST the charge port and battery to the logic board outside of the housing.   See if the device can draw ~1A current through the usb ammeter.  (https://ipadrehab.ecwid.com/#!/USB-Ammeter/p/83127954/category=0)

If it does—then the logic board is able to charge and you can then evaluate your charge ports—find a good one and install it in the housing, then add the logic board and see if the board can still charge while in the housing.  (Often non-standard housings can ground out the charge port).  Continue to add back variables and test after each troubleshooting step.   If the logic board can NOT charge with KNOWN GOOD port and battery, then it needs microsoldering repair.