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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Nora Clark ,


I just bought Samsung S8 plus when came out I think last year in 2017 before that I had theSamsung Note 7 that was recall over a Battery then I we I had the also the Samsung S7 plus that it was running hot so then I left the Samsung for Lg . That's 2016 so then 2017 in April I went back for Samsung S8 plus I heard that was a great phone and I never put in any water and had otter case on it always inside my Purse never in the rain.Now I been told that I got wet I can't belive this I buy all Samsung phones and even when Samung Note 4 had a picture problems Samsung didn't tell the  Customers about the recall I call and gave my iemi number and phone was on the recall that Year.Like I said I even bought First Samsung Watch and with camera And that battery died too and even bought the Samsung S curve watch and Samung Curve TV and even the Samsung Qled 6 TV and I even bought the subwoofer and speaker too I spent so much on Samsung products and couldn't fix this.