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You can resolve many system problems by resetting the logic board.

There are three reset switches on the logic board that you can use to troubleshoot

various issues:

 SMC reset: If the computer is experiencing a power issue, resetting the

system management controller (SMC) may resolve it.

 RTC reset: If the computer is experiencing a booting issue, resetting the

Real Time Clock (RTC) may resolve it.

 System reset: You can use this switch to determine if a computer that

won’t consistently boot from a cold start has power supply issues.  located in the upper

right-hand corner of the logic board

What are the diagnostic LEDs telling you?  The LEDs are located toward the rear of the logic

board, under the memory cage, next to PCI card slot 1. You can view these

LEDs by removing the computer’s side access panel and looking through the

memory cage to the logic board below.