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Steve is correct. Replacing your aged oem battery with a new aftermarket battery that lacks the firmware to be read by iOS battery health still results in throttling getting turned off. Incompatible battery firmware is not an indicator that the battery is of poor quality. I use three battery suppliers and the one I trust the most sells me excellent batteries that still show in the settings menu as "third party, cannot read".  If you have an aftermarket battery, plug your phone into the computer and download a free application called 3U Tools. 3U tools will be able to read the battery health and battery cycles on most aftermarket batteries. Independent shops have been using 3U Tools to check customers iPhone batteries for years. The iOS Battery health menu was only introduced 1 year ago. Really, the iOS many is redundant, and honestly, I still prefer to check every phone with 3U Tools. Note: some really cheap aftermarket batteries will permanently say 0 cycles and 100% lifetime even after you have been using them for awhile. These are the ones to avoid.