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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Matej ,


I manage to resolve the problem :)

# conect the Iphone with i-tunes
# Press power + Volume down  and hold it until i-tunes will recognize Iphone and ask you to restore or update Iphone
# I press restore and i-tunes start to dawnload the software
# After finish the dawnload I press power + volumen down again and hold it until again i-tunes asked you the same question .. figure 2
# Click restore and i-tunes will start to restore your Iphone to factory settings
# Once done, asked me again to press home button - “Hello - press home button to continue” (which doesn’t work) so I switch phone off and turn it on again… then I manage to set it like new Iphone
# Once done this set HOME BUTTON on TOUCHSCREEN ->  go to Settings - '''General''' > '''Accessibility''' , Scroll down to the section labeled '''INTERACTION''' and tap on '''AssistiveTouch (ON)''' .