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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Alex G Mendoza ,


'''Saved a dad’s reputation!'''

Once I verified that David Vignes diagnosis above was indeed my problem, I first tried putting a piece of styrofoam between the outer cover and the inside. This worked for a bit but then the styrofoam compressed after a few hours and it quit working.

So I went back in and put a bead of solder on each side of the little brass plate that makes the connection. That added enough width for the connection to be made once I screwed the cover back on.

I hope this helps someone as it helped me! Because my daughter was kind but rather disappointed when I offered to change her battery and ended with a phone with no sound! This solution helped me regain my status as her dad who could fix anything! She is an adult so it is a rather flimsy status! Phew!!!