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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Elliot Tregoning ,


Is there any way to repair a home button DIY? iPhone 7plus


Yes, I already know that replacing the home button will render touch ID and return to home inoperable, but I dont have the money to get it repaired at the apple store. I've seen videos of people rewiring a torn cable, but the cable didnt look visibly damaged to the naked eye. I'll have to go buy a good magnifying glass and get a better look though. There is however a rubber or foam boot around the socket that seems to be a bit damaged, but I hardly see how that could be causing it.

Let me backtrack and explain my situation first. I was doing a screen repair, and after installing the new screen, the home button didnt work. I reinstalled it in the old display and it didnt work there either, but I didn't reinstall the camera/sensor cable, and I've heard this can cause the home button to break as well,  so I havent ruled out the new display extension cable being faulty, but I'm meeting up with my friend again tomorrow to take a second look, but I want to be prepared for the scenario where the home button is bad.

I was wearing an esd wristband and I always plug the battery in last, so I dont believe I fried the home button.

I know theres a chip in the button that pairs it to the original device -- is this chip in the socket or the button?  Is replacing just the cable and/or socket feasible? I know how to solder.

Is there any way to remedy this without emptying my wallet at the apple store. Thanks.


iPhone 7 Plus