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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Richard ,


Hey!  I was thinking about this only yesterday so I’m happy you found my old post!  You'll be pleased to hear that I still use the shuffle almost daily but probably haven’t re-greased it for more than six months - so it’s been almost exactly a year and four months of almost daily immersion in chlorinated water for about 40 minutes (it’s clipped to my goggles, so it’s not constantly underwater, but I swim with my face down and come up for air…), then it’s rinsed off while I wear it in the shower.[br]


The trade off is that the buttons don’t work so well as I’ve rammed the %#*@ thing full of grease, but they do ok - the main problem is the play / pause button which doesn’t really work at all, but I just use the on / off switch as I only ever listen to books and I’m in the pool to swim, not fiddle with buttons, right?!  This week I noticed the volume button was getting easier to click and told myself to remember to put some more grease in it but I forgot…[br]


To be honest I’m amazed it’s lasted this long, but I’m *very* pleased that it has - because as far as I’m aware, there *still* isn’t a decent waterproof mp3 product on the market.  I’d be very happy to be shown otherwise!  Good luck with your DIY job too!