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Question 1 seems to be cleared.

Question 2: You may have bought a refurbished LCD screen, there was a time when Air 2 screens were short supplied, price was jacked up to $200+. Instead of buying new, most companies chose to refurbish broken screens and resell, you will notice the difference between a brand new and refurbished screen.

“The new LCD screen displays waves along the left edge when holding the iPad on its left bezel in portrait mode.” This is either caused by a bulging battery which goes back to your first question, or a slight bent LCD which would confirm my assumption of a used screen, or maybe you just applied too much pressure while holding that edge ;).

Question 3: Don’t know what brand of pre-cut adhesive you bought, I recommend using Tesa 61395 adhesive as it’s currently one of the best for phone/tablet screen repair, read this guideline written by @refectio [post|547310]