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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Gary Asher ,


I have a 09  Yamaha Stratoliner.  I am having lighting problems suddenly!!  When the bike is running,the headlight does not com on (Low nor High beams)  turn signals dont work.  Nor does the Brake light!!  BUT the tail light works,and the front marker lights work.  I checked the fuse under the seat,and its good,,ALL fuses tested good with a test light!!  IM SO CONFUSED!!  I NEVER had a issue til just now.  ALL lights was working last time i rode it, a little  over a month ago.  I wonder if it cud b the stator.??  It did crank fast,and started rite up,so i have my doubts!!  I did notice a noise from the bottom end.  it did quit when it warmed up tho.