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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Steve Godun ,


What's the secret to getting the replacement screen to stick?


I’ve replaced dozens and dozens of Samsung screens and have ONLY have a problem with the S5. I have one here with a broken screen. I removed the screen and cleaned the frame absolutely spotless. Not a single speck of old adhesive or glass or oil or anything on it. I even stripped all the electronics off it and put it in my sonic cleaner for good measure. Look at it under a microscope and there’s not a single dot to be found.

The frame and screen are both arrow-straight, no warpage whatsoever.

I apply the new adhesive to the screen, make the connections, then press the screen to the frame. It settles in nicely, as expected, but then a few minutes later it starts to lift. After maybe 10 minutes I can stick my fingernail underneath and lift the screen off.

The adhesive is crazy aggressive; if I touch a tool to it, for example, the tool requires a bit of strength to remove itself from the adhesive. It also grabs onto the phone glass like nobody’s business so I know it’s not the adhesive. It just won’t grab onto the frame.

I’ve tried putting the phone on a flat surface, screen down, with a weight evenly pressing down on it, overnight. Half an hour after releasing the weight, the screen is lifting. I’ve even tried heating the phone and adhesive and pressing it to the frame with spring-loaded clamps until it cools. That lasts about 20-30 minutes before the screen lifts.




Samsung Galaxy S5