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What are common (idle) temperatures for this machine? (2015, 2,8 Ghz)



I bought a used 15” mid 2015 2,8 Ghz Model and have never owned a “high end specs” MacBook Pro Model before (only the lower tier versions of 15” MBP 2012 and 13” Models but those without dGPUs of course).

I have some interesting observations regarding the machines temperatures and fan speed.

I hope you guys can help me and report your common temperatures you have while running this machine.

Now my problem with this “new” 2015 machine is that the fans run constantly rather high than low and whenever I use the machine ever so slightly, creating a spike in CPU usage over a short time, the fans immediately run high and the macbook gets close to annoyingly noisy. A CPU Usage of only 14% results in fans spinning at 3500 rpm and the machine going up to even 70-80°C really quickly. Merely browsing a website like this makes my machine also run at 2800-3300rpm and 65-70°C.

My concerns are rather for the idle temperatures because I figure, running the CPU at 100% during my work with After Effects/Premiere/etc makes the fans spin at 6000rpm max naturally. With “yes” CPU Tests in Terminal and other Benchmarks/Tests the machine reaches 90-98°C easily and comes very close or even reaches its tJunction Max at 100°C. Luckily, there are no signs of excessive thermal throttling though and the machine will run at its 2,8 or more Ghz using Turbo Boost without dipping lower, even for longer periods of time .

Now, of course I understand, simply put: more Ghz = higher temperatures, dGPU = higher temperatures as well. But this somehow still feels strange to me.

As I have never experienced such behavior from a Mac since the Core Duo Models before (it’s quick changing high fan noise is amusingly the thing I have always hated most about most Windows Laptops), I wonder if anything is wrong my machine (hidden water damage or another hidden hardware defect?) or if this in fact is totally normal behavior for this machine, having both the most powerful Intel i7 2,8ghz of that years MacBook models and the AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB.

I use Activity Monitor, SMC Fancontrol, TG Pro and Intel Power Gadget to monitor the machine.

I have so far done:

— NVRAM/SMC Reset/reinstalled MacOS/etc./etc.

— disassembled, cleaned and checked the machine for signs of water damage (no obvious marks found)

— Reapplied heat paste (two times with different methods and amounts) (MX-4 and Cooler Master MasterGel)

Of course I know of methods like using fan controlling tools to reduce the temperature but in my case it’s the combination of the already high temperature with the already fast spinning fans creating a lot of noise. So “adding more noise” by turning up the fan speed would not really be an option or actual solution to my problem.

Any other sources on the internet say their “2015 MacBook Pros” run at ~41-50°C during idle, some mention 50-60° but there is no way to know if their way of measurement is either the same (CPU Core? CPU Peci? Running SMC Fancontrol at 6000rpm constantly?) or if they actually have the very same 2,8ghz Model and not “(some kind of 2014) MacBook Pro (13” with an Intel i5) 2,8ghz” when they say  "Go to the Apple Service, you might have a Virus! My 2015 MacBook Pro runs really cool! ” ;-) I hope you get the picture.

I hope some other users of the 2,2ghz, 2,5ghz and 2,8ghz 2015 Models can chime in to find some reliable answers and thoughts through the board. Maybe even for other users, who hopped on the apparent recent trend of “getting the good old 2015 MacBook Pros in 2018/2019” instead of the newer 2016/2017/2018 Models with Touch Bar and the keyboard, which still seems prone to failure.



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