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Did I overheat my main board?


I’m new at tech repair but I have a grasp of electrical engineering. I dropped my phone 7 and was unable to use my microphone to record audio files or talk or hear anyone while on a call. Speaker button was grayed out.

I figured it was the Audio IC that had a solder break where it connects with the board.

I attempted to reflow the solder with a heat gun. I used plenty of flux and the process took me longer than expected to get the solder to flow. Started at 350C for a min then to 370C for two min then to 380C for a min.  Solder flowed and the chip seemed rested in place when finished.

I put everything back together and when I attach the battery the main board starts to heat up. Could it be that some of my pins under the chip are bridging or did I overheat my main board?


iPhone 7