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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Minho ,


First of all, reflowing the Audio IC would not have solved your problem, at least not long term. The current best practice is to remove the IC, strengthen the C12 trace (or rebuild if the pad lifted), reball the IC (or replace if it gets damaged) and solder it back into place. Optionally, there are three other pads (F12/H12/J12) that can be strengthened. We are seeing more and more instances of the F12 pad lifting so while you have the audio IC off the board, you may as well do all 4.

In your particular case, it sounds like excess heat may have either bridged some solder balls under the Audio IC or damaged the CPU or Baseband CPU, which is directly opposite the Audio IC. The only way to know is to start probing the main voltage rails provided by the PMIC and the BBPMU to see if there are any shorts. If the issue appears to come from the CPU, that is exponentially more difficult to repair.

Get back to me with your findings.