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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Carlos Oulman ,


When I was first working on phones I had trouble getting the home button connected correctly on the iPhone 8 Plus. Both the 7 and 8 lines are very similar and the home buttons connect exactly the same. For me the problem was that I did not have the connector plugged in correctly even though it appeared to be. Another explanation is that the home button extender cable on the new screen is not working. Did the repair shop you took it to try a new screen?

After checking the home button for physical damage I would try reconnecting the home button then I would try a new screen. If that doesn’t work then it may sadly mean that your home button is broken. In that case you will either always have to use a digital home button or replace your phone. There are also Bluetooth home buttons available however I’m not sure how good they work. If you can not get your original home button working you will also loose Touch ID.