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iFixit is a large community of: users who want to fix their own devices, semi-professional and professional technicians who come here offering advice and sometimes seeking it, and a small core of employees who keep the site up and running, do the tear-downs and run the store, etc.

It’s not intended as a place to find a repair technician to fix your phone (although many of us probably could) but rather as a resource if you want to fix it yourself.

If if you are seeking advice, please provide more information. What type of phone? How long have you had it? What is the problem, exactly? How did the problem first arise? Was it dropped, exposed to water, or anything else that might have triggered the issue? Did it stop working all at once, or gradually over time?

If you’re looking for someone else to fix it, you’re better off searching for a local repair shop or a mail-in provider (they’ll want the above information.) Be sure to ask questions before handing over your phone, and to do a complete backup of everything on it. Questions to ask include: have you fixed my phone type before? How many times? How often have customers come back with more problems after a repair? What kind of warranty do you offer? Do you have past customers I can talk to? What kind of repairs do you do? (e.g. Some people can fix almost any problem, including problems with the circuit board. Others mostly replace broken parts. Both can be excellent; it depends on what you need). And finally, what happens if you can’t fix my phone?

Best wishes and good luck!