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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Michael Dekker ,


First, I’d like to Emericobert and Athul - Emericobert for the original answer, and Athul for the updated photos (originals were lost). The solution worked for me, and I’m grateful for them for delaying my replacement purchase…

I’d like to add a few things.

* The first is a suggestion for a tool. Instead of using screwdrivers (which will mangle your cover and break the tabs), go into your recycle bin and find flat, clear plastic, of the type used for blister packaging (you know the plastic front, paper-backed packages?) Find some pieces that are relatively thin. This plastic is thin enough to slide between the casing and will not break the tabs if done SLOWLY. It is frustratingly slow, but it works. If the plastic gets too bent up, cut it flat again and try agin.
* Next is to stress that it is the BOTTOM of the cover that is popped off… Almost ruined my wires by missing that point
* And finally, the “tape holding the metal cup” is actually the WHITE rectangle with the metal cup - looks like a bubble of solder. If you work a blade under the white part then slowly peel up the white label, the whole thing comes off. Have tweezers handy to re-apply because finger oils are the enemy!