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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Igor Stefanovski ,


HDD fan control is not the best solution, but the problem is that temp sensor on iMac 27" mid 2011 is inside the cable for communicating with logic board. So the only solution is to replace your HDD with model that apple say it will work. Have found somewhere on the network listed models that will work properly. I had same problem. Inside iMac27" mid 2011 was 1TB Segate baracuda and I want 2TB any HDD. First try to replace with 2TB WD, but fan goes up to 5,5K rpm and temp reading over iStat nano says 42 Celsius on HDD which gets confusing me. Then put Segate baracuda 2TB and everything is same. 5,5k rpm on fan and aproximately 41 Celsius on HDD. Revs and temp gets to normal when I get back 1TB original HDD. Gonna try to find exact models of HDD's which can go as replacment for original. Hope this will help. Cheers