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Phone shut down one year ago today. It just came back on! Why?


=== One day, I had a sleepover with my friend. We were watching ''YouTube'' on my phone, and it suddenly shut off around %60, however I didnt realize it had THAT much charge. So, I simply plugged it up. No big deal, right? But nothing happened, so I just ended up getting a new phone. Exactly one year later, here i am watching Friend Request with my cousin and she looks over at the old phone. She picks it up, and attempts to turn it on. BAM! It turned on. She showed me, excitedly. It's cool and all, but why? How? I am SO confused! Maybe the battery came loose or something? ''Idk'', ''help''? '''''(Btw, I remember the exact day bc it was two days before my birthday, and the time was about a couple hours after we ate lunch)''''' ===


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active