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Okay I spent about 4 hours researching this topic. Here is what ended up working for me. It worked on my Honda Accord, but it should work on all models of Honda and Acura actually.

You can use the following link for reference, as they have detailed instructions as well:

Get detailed instructions here (they also provide radio codes): https://radiocodevault.com/honda

So your radio is probably displaying something that says code or something like this.

If it is saying error/ERR/ or anything like that, I’d highly recommend checking out the reference site I posted above.

Code = Needs a radio code

Err = error from locking up, and you’ll need a radio code

Err1, Err2, Err3 = stop messing with your radio! This is very important…

Okay now that you know all of that.

Please check the comments below, as I’ll post all the steps there.