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Multiple symptoms: entire backlight off or partial gray area


TV: LG 55GA7900

My TV shows multiple symptoms.

When it shows problem, few seconds after turn on the TV, either 1/10 of screen shows shadow (LCD still shows image) that looks like partial backlight out or entire backlight goes off (Still I can see lcd is working when I put flashlight).

On the other hand, the TV works just fine sometimes for as long as it gets when it doesn’t show the problem.

I initially thought this could be a power supply board issue because all led bulbs seem to work just fine when the TV works fine.

So I was going to replace the power supply board but  I also read an article saying that some TV shuts off when  there is bad led bulbs in the back light.

I need help to isolate the problem whether the power supply board is wrong or there is a bad led and here are my questions.

# When the TV shuts down to protect it from bad led bulbs, is it just turn the back light off or turn entire TV off?
# Can defective led strip be working fine for hours, partially out, or out entirely and the symptom randomly repeats?

Thank you in advance for all of your answers.


LG Television