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Just to be sure that everything is correctly connected, you need to check this list, but before starting you should take a photo of the front panel connector then remove everything from the motherboard (you can keep the CPU).

In the image below I highlighted the two connectors that need to be connected with the PSU and another one with the front panel connector:


According to this [http://static.highspeedbackbone.net/pdf/Lenovo%20ThinkCentre%20M90%205474-X01%20Desktop%20PC%20Hardware%20Maintenance%20Manual.pdf|manual] which you can find more information about your PC, it didn’t mention the front panel pins labels, so assuming by default they use the same design as other MoBo you can compare this image with the one you took.


The last thing to check if nothing works are the jumpers, I didn’t read the whole manual yet but could you please send us an HD photo of your Mobo.