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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Nikki ,


Fixing Digital Crown random clicks



I bought used Apple Watch S2 (42mm), the guy said that there’s a problem with random Siri pop-ups. I thought the problem was with dirty Digital Crown, so I cleaned it (per Apple guide, with warm tap water). It helped for a while but the problem is still there. I get random/ghost DC clicks and presses that trigger Siri and open home screen. Rinsing  DC under warm water seems to fix it for a few hours. There’s also a slight mark on DC as if the Watch was dropped onto something.[br]

So, I want to fix this Watch. Replacing it via Apple is not an option since I got it for $50 and Apple asks for  a whopping $500 to replace it. I just got another S2 42mm with a cracked screen to harvest all the parts I might need during repair process. I guess I’ll have to replace DC encoder cable, but I can’t find any guides (except for iFixit Teardown). My question is: what exactly do I need to replace to get rid of ghost clicks?


Apple Watch Series 2