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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Ayla Scammell ,


Had this issue for a while with a Dell laptop (Inspiron 13, discontinued model). Found that if I closed the screen and added a little pressure then everything clicked back into place (Note, if the hinge itself has done something weird, apply a little pressure to the corner the hinge is on and then close it. I found that this held everything in place as I moved it). If there is still a visible screw in the back of the computer where the hinge belongs, then just tighten that. After a while, it will need tightening again, but if you keep an eye on it then you should be able to leave it as is and just check it frequently. If there is no screw, there was an answer before mine that might help a bit better.[br]


Note: I am NOT a technician. I am just passing on information for a fix I found worked for me. The hinge in my device comes unscrewed because the screw in the middle of the back is missing, so it appears to be putting pressure on the other hinges. I do have to tighten the screw every couple of weeks, but I haven’t had it break as badly as the original photos showed since I tried this fix.