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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Tyler Grow ,


you said the original mac was badly bent, was the motherboard badly bent as well?  it’s possible for mobo to have been bent and cracked internally and have still been working as the bend could have also been forcing the inner connection lines together and when removed that force was no longer applied and they separated.  Louis Rossman has a lot of great videos on diagnosing charging on these devices on the mobo so could definitley be worth looking at.  I will say that only 1 USB port charging device also kinda lends itself to saying mobo has damage I think.  Also the 1% battery on apple devices tends to be damaged mobo components (on iphones for example, usually a capacitor next to the battery terminal).  If your battery has its own daughterboard it could be battery as well.

also the new battery could be bad.  never a guarantee with it, you can always transfer your mobo back to the old case loosely just enough to turn on with the battery and see if it turns on.  if it does then the new battery may just be bad.

Software wise you could try and do a fresh install of mac os and see if it fixes.