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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Brin Ela ,


Hi. I want to instal a new SSD Drive on a mid 2012 MAcbook Pro, but because the old hdd had 750GB and the new SSD only 250GB didn’t managed to do the cloning on the new one (even though it was erased from all the extra things and the old HDD had only 5GB busy. Anyways, i’ve connected directly the new SSD and formatted accordingly entering the Disk utility, and having access to internet connections via the house Wifi. So it connected to apple server and was starting to instal de Lion OS, but surprise…wasn’t showing me any disk connected to the mother board. Does anyone knows what i am doing wrongly?

PS: Before you are wondering, the computer is not for me is for my mom to have access to skype and google, so she is new in this and doesn’t need high spec computer