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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Kuroe Zucredl ,


Ok ok ok ok ok. So I had this problem and freaked out. People kept telling me this bs solution about the Galaxy wearable app but it doesnt do sh!t. So hear me out please.

Please grab out 2-3 of those cotton swabs used to clean your ears. Grab your regular isopropyl Ahcohol and wet the tip. Clean the metal grill but face the earbud sidways so it doesnt leak into the earbud. When you're finished rubbing the metal grill with the swab clean it up real good with a towel (microfiber like the soft ones used for a car where you can buy at the dollar store) and let it dry for a few and boom, your sound is regained!

I guess its a matter of just cleaning them good once in a while.

This worked for me so im not sure how it goes for all of you. Keep in mind that if you're not cleaning your ears regularly, that'll happen. Remember to clean your ears and buds everyone. Hope this helps!!


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