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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Modfreakz ,


In dem SPI Flash Dump sind einige interessante String zu finden. Hier eine kurze Auflistung.

Das Password (5B6EFD7F) findet man auch an einigen Stellen zusammen mit NFC commands.


Master Tonie MT0%d detected

Master Tonie tag removed MT01


Registration with PD cloud (/v1/pd/register) returned Downloading Opus file for MT02.

Please wait a moment... Waiting for download to finish... Downloading Opus file for MT03.

Please wait a moment... Check of downloaded file


invalid payload size

Could not read entire 32-byte payload from tag.  Only got bytes

CC3200 bootloader  Rebooting to complete WDT recovery...

SD clear skipped because not upsidedown

Both ears pressed for 10s / upside down / charger present -> factory reset requested

Both ears pressed for 10s / upside down / charger not present -> reset requested



Available debugging options:

 00000) Cancel

 00001) LED Test

 00010) Switch to Production Default (PD) mcuimg1

 00011) Switch to normal Firmware (FW) mcuimg2

 00100) Switch to normal Firmware (FW) mcuimg3

 00101) Extract sound files

 00111) List contents of SD card

 01000) Network information

 01010) Switch to station (STA) mode

 01011) Switch to access point (AP) mode

 01100) Erase SD card

 01101) Clear all WLAN profiles

 01111) Hibernate

 10001) HOS OTA Production Default

 10010) HOS OTA End-User Firmware

 11110) Normal reset

 11111) Factory Reset