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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Navi Jassal ,



I had the exact same issue, my solution was i flipped the macbook upside down and opened the screws and took the bottom plate off locate the LVDS cable usually is a wide thick cable in the top left with a cushion on top for protection flip the silver lock up and slide the cable out very carefully and check the connections if it all looks good plug it back in very carefully you should hear two clicks on both sides. This confirms it is plugged in properly. Clip the silver thing back. I did this and problem went away no more flashing green screen anywhere. I figured it is the video connector from the motherboard to the monitor. Kinda like an HDMI cable, a faulty HDMI cable does similar problems so thats my solution for it. [br]

im not a professional or anything, but I like to mess with things. So do this on your own risk!!

hope this helped!