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i have also questions about problems with the cpus not detected,[br]

the no-booting mac :-([br]


have to check if the processors are already working [br]

have to check if no pins are bent on the socket under a cpu[br]


i found that.. [br]



1) the black connectors of the heatsinkers , [br]

have to be reseated (a little bit out of their original position).[br]

to be perfectly connected.[br]


2) doing this tricky operation… NEVER OVERTIGHTEN the springscrews when seating back the sinkers.  [br]

cross pattern. never press on the top of the sinker.[br]

count the number of rotations before (when removing the sinkers),[br]

note them, and reproduce them with care [br]


3) have to respect the difference of thickness of a delidded cpu and a lidded one. (3mm or 5mm), [br]

this layer…. with 3 or 3 washers?  [br]

5mm thickness of thermal strip ?  he removed the original pink layer.[br]