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Hi James.

Just reading your post as I’m having a very similar problem with a T460. I bought mine with a cracked screen and no memory or ssd thinking I could fix it. The cracked lcd changed a slightly lighter shade of black when turned on. I bought a new lcd (which has an inverter attached) but it did the exact same thing. I would only notice that there was life in the lcd when I turned it off. Mine laptop gets power, the fan fires initially and the backlight on the keyboard illuminates but the the power dies after just over a minute.

I’ve replace the lcd, the cable from the lcd to the motherboard. The motherboard. I’m thinking now it might be the power supply as I’ve noticed that the battery isn’t charging even though I have left the power supply plugged in. It could also be the cable from the battery plug port to the motherboard aswell.

I’ve pretty much replaced nearly every component on this machine except for the power related items. It gave me some hope when I saw you posting. Did you narrow it down to definitely being the backlight?

Did you end up finding a solution or did you just let is rest in peace?

Kind Regards,