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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Thomas Daniel ,


It is a standard electronic fuel injection running premium unleaded, as per the manual. Usually, when there’s a problem like this, it is an air leak around the “throttle body,” that is the plate in the intake path that is moved by the throttle i.e. accelerator pedal. This gives the air mass flow sensor the false impression that the throttle is open, that is, someone is pressing on the accelerator, which tells the ECU to increase fuel flow. Except in my case, all of the air paths have been checked and rechecked an hoses have been replaced. Also, since the ECU had been swapped with a known good one, that rules out the ECU sensing a “choke” condition i.e. low engine temperature and thereby increasing RPM. t also doesn’t answer the question of why does it do it intermittently? If there was an air leak, it would be there 24/7/365, not just once in a while.