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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Jarrod Jones ,


I’m on my second pair of Galaxy buds now because I had the same issue with the first pair where the right side was much quieter than the left side. They replaced my first pair with no problem at all and upgraded me to the Galaxy +. Now I am having the same problem again. I’ve done all the resetting that was recommended but I took some else’s advice and removed the metal grill from the right ear bud.  It instantly became much louder! I then replaced the metal grill back onto the right ear bud and the sound was back to normal.

I have a phone repair kit that comes with many different screw driver heads. I heard someone used a needle to remove the grill. I used a very thin flat head piece to circle around the the grill to get the glue up that was holding it down. I then lifted it up very carefully will the tip to remove the grill. I sat the grill back on top and put the black mash on and that was it!