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MagSafe indicator light off



There have been no liquid spills as far as I know. The macbook was previously running without any issues, but turned off immediately when disconnected from the power. The MagSafe indicator was lit up at this point. I opened it up and it turned out the battery connector and 2 adjacent wires were unplugged from the main board. I plugged them all in and put the macbook back together.

Now the MagSafe indicator light doesn’t light up at all and the macbook hasn’t booted up since. There are no signs of life (no fans, no warmth, no LEDs). I know it’s not a problem with the adapter, as it works fine with another MacBook in the house. [br]

I’ve tried:

* Disconnecting the 3 wires again
* Leaving the power cable plugged in for a few hours then trying to boot
* Disconnecting just the battery
* Cleaning the MagSafe port on the laptop

I think it might need a new I/O board but I am not sure. I’d appreciate any help.


MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013