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You know, I wonder but I experience exactly the same behaviour from exactly the same machine. I’m very sad, as this is a totally opposite to what I expected from Mac (and I had reasons to).

It whines sometimes even while easy web browsing. It does it stupidly, temps might rise to ~65 only, but it ramps up and to 50+% and doesn’t stop till it’s ~50. When discrete GPU invokes, even the slightest load in C4D viewport with the lightest model imaginable may crank the fans up to 6000 rpm! INSANE!

I cleaned and repasted it, undervolted, I did everything I could but as soon as I launch C4D and start working it kills me with noise. I’m toasted, it’s unbearable.

Why does it happens? Is this an issue or a fault of the model? Did previous generation with GT 750m behave the same? How da **** to solve this? I’m about to sell it asap, can’t bare it. [br]

Help us please ;(