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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: jarno_vdb ,


I somehow spilled half a litre of Belgian beer (Stella Artois) on my controller right after work…

The first minutes beer came out of every opening of my controller (nacon revolution pro 2 controller for ps4 & pc).

Then ps4 popup: “connection to controller lost. “

While panicking disconnected and re-connected the controller a few times. Untill all lights faded away. 30min later it worked again for a minute or 2.

Ever after This point my controller starts to trigger different buttons on the actual button activation. (ex. Left stick up > trigger psn button, triangel > trigger start button). Also sometimes a button stats on hold even when deactivating or activating another one. (scroll down left stick, freezes so only that command activate, pressing anything else or put that stick into another direction does nothing New).

For now I'm about to dry, and clean with ipa 98% and soft brush.

If you know a way to fix it tell me please.

Only now I regret buying an expensive controller…