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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Damian ,


I had the same issue as described. The GE refrigerator would not hold temperature and sometimes the lights in the refrigerator would turn off and it would stop dispensing water. The meat drawer lights would still work. Unplugging and plugging the refrigerator would work for a few hours or sometimes a day or two. Eventually we paid to have a GE repairman come out and he fixed the issue right away. Behind the vegetable/fruit drawer is a small computer looking fan that distributes air throughout the refrigerator. If this stops working it will cause all of the described symptoms. When he pulled the fan out, he said I had a first gen fan and they are currently on a 3^^rd^^ gen fan. He also did software update. It’s been two weeks now and the refrigerator is working as expected. No more temperature swings or shutting off.