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Internal SSD not recognized on 15" MacBook Pro retina retina


'''“Internal SSD not recognized and not working on 15" MacBook Pro Retina”'''

Hello Intelligentsia

 I have a 15" MacBook Pro from mid 2015 and had some issues after installing past high sierra (not sure really if I had actually installed Mojave because I try to avoid all the “Upgrades”). At one point I had a frozen screen and did a very unadvisable hard reset.

When I powered on I had a flashing folder. I used recovery mode and found to my dismay that there was no SSD recognized only the Disk 0 and the Mac OS X  Base System, I then installed the OS from recovery which happened to be the base system that came with it in 2015 - Yosemite.

I do not yet know how to use the Carbon Copy Cloner stuff so I do not want to do any erasing or formatting of the drive.

I could not access the drive in recovery mode with the disk utility because it would not show up. The only thing I see is "disk0" and under that, Mac OS X Base System. I also tried to use a boot loader to get “sierra” and this has not worked in any way nor can I get the disk Util to show the ssd

What do I do to get my Mac to see the SSD? I imagine some simple unix type commands in the terminal can [fix / repartition/ fix boot loader/ rebuild the master boot record]?? As I imagine this was just improperly unmounted?? I am hoping some high level Admin type people read here and answer questions. I have an external SSD hooked up so I at least have the thing working and stuff but want to get my data and also fix my internal SSD issue before upgrading to a better working data storage solution.

Thanks in advance to the engineers who this is an easy question for!


MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2015