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Sounds like issues happened while installing an operating system update.

I know saying this is a little late for this issue but for future '''Please make sure to backup your computer ''before'' upgrading operating systems.''' Now that that’s out of the way lets see what we can do.

First things first, lets try to get your data off that ssd. I would recommend using a data recovery tool (below are two links) as their cost (50-100) is much less than the 600-1500 you could potentially spend with a data recovery service. If your data is highly valuable go with the data recovery service, it will save you time and a troubleshooting headache.

[https://www.techradar.com/best/best-data-recovery-software|A list by Tech Radar on the best data recovery tools in 2020]

[https://www.stellarinfo.com/blog/best-ssd-data-recovery-software-mac-windows/|'''Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac Tutorial''']

Assuming there is nothing wrong with your ssd aside from weird formatting issues, you can run data recovery software without worrying about damaging your Data or SSD. However if the SSD is failing, you might only get a few attempts at this, and with each successive disk scan  there is a possibility to loose a random percentage of your Data permanently.

So, if you go down the path, '''don’t rush, take your time and make sure you are scanning the right disk with the correct settings'''

These scans can sometimes take days so make sure your computer is placed somewhere it will be able to be plugged in, and not touched until the scan is over.

Once your data is off the computer, I would recommend taking your laptop to the Apple Store for a diagnostic (Genius Bar appointment). They  provide these for free to any customer. They may be able to help you diagnose your Mac’s issue and help you reformat your drive right there (if there isn’t a hardware issue, any software troubleshooting is usually free unless they tell you otherwise).

I hope this information gives you a direction to go, Feel free to comment if you have questions.