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Hey David- thanks for the answer. my comment was to long so I posted as an answer.

I’ve seen how so many others have had this very same issue but yeah securing the data is number one and then all that recovery stuff comes second. I was hoping there might be a way to repair the master boot record or what ever this flash SSD is using to boot this thing up. I’ve also heard of others fixing the partitioning system and coming away better for it.

I strongly feel that there is some kind of way to fix the drive as it relates to directories and partitioning and its own boot loader due to the way it was improperly unmounted. One guy advises getting into the open directory on the command line and moving the [mbr cache] but when I open the terminal in recovery mode it is at /private/var/root and I don’t think the commands are valid to navigate to the volumes/Macintosh\ hd and all that.

I would like to boot into Single user mode but it doesn’t seem to boot up holding cmd+ s not sure why, either that or is taking way too long.

In single user mode I could use [fsck] commands to fix the drive using whatever commands are there. I also tried to have the mac default boot up natively to Single user mode but in command line typing: [sudo nvram boot-args=”-s”] I get an error msg after typing my password…

Anyway first thing is to get the data to make sure it’s safe…